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Arissa Hendricks

A dedicated, creative, and innovative professional with profound knowledge and expertise in web development and web/mobile design which includes user research, sketching, wireframing, lo-fi / hi-fi mockups, prototyping, user testing, front and back-end programming, testing, implementation, quality assurance, control, and product launch. An outstanding individual who is armed with strong qualifications and skills in strategic and tactical planning, design, execution, and website design/development while ensuring compliance with clients’ requirements and user needs.

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Technical Proficiency

UX/UI Designer - Web and Mobile

User Research // Tree Testing

A usability technique for evaluating the findability of topics in a website

Information Architecture

Organizing, structuring, and labeling content in an effective and sustainable way. Helping users find information quicker.

Wireframing // Sketching

Explore the concepts by outlining a Web site's basic, overall structure and flow.

Prototype // Testing

Explore the usability of your site or app before launch.

Web Development


Design and Code with the latest styles. Use Bootstrap to create responsive mobile ready sites.


Use PHP Framework Codeigniter with MVC (Model, View, and Controller).

JS // Jquery // AJAX

Create real-time feeds throughtout site using javascript, jquery and ajax.


Use ffmpeg to convert and stream audio and video on a social media site.

Web Design


Create mockup designs and extract to Dreamweaver


Building websites and managing site; FTP local and remote.


Create brochures, flyers, programs and e-postcards (PRINT).


Logo creations, e-newsletters, website wireframing

Software & Program

MySQL – PhpMyAdmin

Create database with tables and fields to feed content to website with PHP.


Template Content Management System (CMS)


Localhost server use apache as the server. Create websites and tes locally before uploading to remote servers.


Operate effectively and efficiently MAC OS and Windows PC's computer softwares

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